Are Savannah Dumpster Rentals Worth It?

savannah dumpster rentalsSometimes you just have too much “stuff.” When you have a home repair or renovation, the amount of debris can be overwhelming. Landscaping projects generate so much waste. When you plan to put your home on the market, your realtor will suggest that you declutter a third of your possessions.

Instead of overloading your residential trash cars week after week, looking into a dumpster rental service is the more convenient and more eco-friendly plan for waste management. Savannah Trash has dumpster rentals that can help you keep your project flowing smoothly.

In a 2020 study from IBIS World, the US dumpster rental industry is valued at $418.8 million. More residential customers are discovering the ease and convenience of this service. However, in order to make dumpster rental worth the money, you need the dumpster to match the scale of your project. Here are several factors to guide you through the choices:

Savannah Dumpster Rentals – Choose The Right Size

The price of a dumpster rental depends on the size. Don’t try to save money by choosing the least expensive option. If you have done an inventory of your expected waste and find yourself between two dumpster sizes, order the larger dumpster. Once you get started with your project, you’ll probably have a little more material than you imagined. 

If you fill up the unit before your project is over, you may have to wait for another dumpster. It is almost always cheaper to rent one larger dumpster than two small ones. Rely on Savannah Trash to coach you through this step. 

Managing Hazardous Materials 

Your household waste might contain hazardous elements that affect the environment. Know what you should not place in the dumpster. Some restricted items include:

  • Gas, motor oil
  • Old paint, aerosol cans
  • Chemicals, pesticides
  • Batteries
  • Tires
  • Medical waste

One of our representatives will share local restrictions for your specific project in your area. Follow the rules of the company and the municipality. The waste placed in the dumpster is inspected and can be sorted to determine if it is contaminated. If contaminated, the debris can be rejected at the disposal facility and possibly could lead to fines.

Overfilling The Container

Observe the volume limitation. Overfilling a dumpster creates a safety hazard, especially when the team comes to load the container on the company’s truck and haul it away. Every dumpster has a maximum weight capacity that should not be exceeded. You certainly don’t want to have to unload your messy stuff you just dumped. 

Plus, when you overfill the bin, you can’t cover it from pests. You might be inviting rodents and insects to set up right next to your house. 

Place The Dumpster In The Right Spot

Choosing an appropriate location for your dumpster is an essential step in successfully disposing of your waste. The location must be accessible, convenient and safe for you to reach. Every city has rules about blocking roads and parking spaces.  

  • Choose the right spot to place your dumpster, don’t put it across the road where it will block traffic. 
  • Don’t block your entryway, doors, or windows. 
  • If it fits in your yard, avoid foot traffic over your garden plants.  
  • Get authorization from any relevant neighborhood associations or condo board.
  • Follow local building codes.

Clarify Your Dumpster Rental Needs With Savannah Trash

After a home project that generates a lot of stuff to haul away, a dumpster rental is both a convenient and an affordable option. We are a full-service disposal company offering simple, smaller roll-off dumpsters perfect for junk removal, rental cleanouts, and residential remodeling projects.  

As a responsible neighbor, Savannah Trash is focused on your safety, our safety, and the health of the environment. With a few simple questions, our team will identify additional information about your dumpster rental needs such as type of debris. For example, mattresses, tires, or hazardous materials need different treatment from household building materials. Get a fair and accurate estimate for the correct dumpster size for you.