Cleaning Your Home To Prepare For Winter

savannah dumpster rentalEveryone knows that spring cleaning needs to be done every year. However, you may not know that it is extremely beneficial to add winter cleaning to your yearly tasks. There are so many costs that you will have to incur over the winter, so preparing before the cold season hits could save you money in the long run on energy costs. Moreover, when you are snowed inside your home, you can relax knowing the big chores are done for this season.

Savannah Dumpster Rental 

Typically, when spring cleaning beings, it helps you declutter and get rid of loads of clothing or items that aren’t used anymore. It can even help you find hidden problems. The following are places to keep an eye on during spring cleaning.

Clean Behind Big Appliances

At least once a year, pull those big appliances, such as the fridge, stove, washing machine, etc., away from the wall to clean everything behind them. This includes the clutter underneath, the walls, the floors, and the appliance itself. There are guaranteed to be piles of dust that have collected behind there as well as dirty pieces of your appliances such as refrigerator coils. Taking care of even the smallest parts of your appliances can actually lengthen their lifespan by them, saving you money over time. If you find any appliances that are malfunctioning or not working anymore, having a dumpster to toss them out in can be quite beneficial during the cleaning process.

Reduce Clutter

At least every season, you should be going through your home and finding things that are unnecessary to keep in your home. Over time, we always accumulate things that just become unused, leaving our homes extra messy in between cleanings. To avoid a cluttered home, decide which items you need, and which items need to be thrown out. Go through your items and contemplate the last time you actually used them, and if it is really ever going to be used again. Try not to have the mindset of “just in case” as it can make it difficult to toss anything unnecessary. Especially if you have children, those items that are unneeded can build up quickly if not gone through often. Whichever item you decide to get rid of, it can be a big relief once you toss it in the dumpster.

Take Care Of HVAC

Air filters, air ducts, and vents will need to be cleaned often in order to keep your home safe and energy efficient. As cold weather rolls around, you will likely be using your heater more often, so it’s important to ensure that filters are replaced to ensure a steady airflow. Additionally, a fresh air filter will guarantee clean air is being pushed through your home. Cleaning your ducts and vents also clears away excessive build-up, once again ensuring proper airflow. It also removes allergens that can get trapped within your home and cause issues all year long.

Deep Clean The Kitchen

While completing your winter cleanup checklist, deep cleaning the kitchen should definitely be on the priority list. Go through all the drawers, cabinets, and pantry and see what can be kept, and what needs to go. Find anything that is expired and anything that goes routinely unused to throw it out. There isn’t any use for items in the kitchen that just takes up space and is never utilized. You can also deep clean backsplashes and hood vents to keep odors out of the home since windows won’t be opened during the cold season to push those smells out.

Cleaning out your home before the winter months hit can really release some stress off of your shoulders. A messy home can lead to cabin fever, especially if you are stuck in your home for an extended period of time. When trying to declutter your home or just throw out general trash, a rental dumpster can be extremely helpful in getting rid of unwanted items quickly and efficiently. Savannah Trash can bring you a dumpster to easily put your unwanted items in and they will take it away for you. This simple process can help alleviate the stress of having to make trips to the dump, making your winter deep clean that much easier.