Declutter To Sell Your Home Faster and For More Money With Dumpster Rentals

dumpster rentals richmond hillHome buyers want to envision their things in your large, spacious rooms. Every real estate agent advises decluttering as the fastest and easiest way to help improve the first impression. No renovations, no expenses. By removing your personal items, you leave room for the buyer’s imagination to fill in the blanks with their lives. 

Instead of visiting a friend’s cozy home or staying in a generic hotel, you want to create a neutral space where the potential buyer can see their potential future. Working hard now will pay off with a shorter sales cycle and (hopefully) a higher sales price. And you won’t have to pay to move things you don’t love to your new house. 

Edit Out What You Don’t Love

Make a goal to pack a third, get rid of a third, and use a third of your possessions while your home is on the market. When you’re selling your house, potential buyers will snoop everywhere, even the utility closet. Maximize every square inch by minimizing your overall clutter

Start with the big stuff; remove any oversized furniture. Buyers aren’t going to miss those extra side tables. They don’t need to see the dining room kitted out with all its leaves and chairs. If your furniture is not aging well, it’s not putting your home in the best light. Scuffs, stains, cat scratches subliminally imply that the entire home is not well cared for. 

Invest in some industrial shelving to make your storage rooms look spacious, well lit and organized. Edit your bookshelves; consider organizing the books by color or size for maximum visual appeal. Pare down throw pillows and accents that distract from the room.

Remove as much visual clutter in the hallways: hanging hooks, photographs, artwork.

Your kitchen countertops must stay clean and clear, even tidy the panty.  

Leave only 10% of your clothes in the closets, organize by color, and leave lots of empty shelf space. Organize everything from your bathroom countertops; style it like a high end resort hotel. 

Create a home office facade. Stage the space with a printer, matching desk accessories and no private data on any pieces of paper. 

Kids playrooms need to look like a Hollywood movie set. Limit the number of toys you display, keep a storage bin to quickly stash the clutter.  

And What To Do with The Extra Stuff?

After you pare down your furnishings to the ideal amount of staging material, there will be plenty of memories that you’ll pack up and take to the new home. But what to do with all the rest? If you have the time and energy, you can resell the “good stuff” that didn’t make the cut. Explore consignment opportunities in your town. Manageable items that can be safely shipped might do well for you on an online auction site. 

Give away some helpful items to a local charity. Refugees services, victims of domestic violence, and any organization that has a brick-n-mortar resale shop would love your donation of gently used household items. If you still have steam, you could try a garage sale for the rest. But at some point, getting your house on the market is more important that dealing lots of little broken toys and mismatched dishes. Instead of overloading your curbside one week after week, just rent a dumpster fro Savannah Trash and have it hauled away when the house is clear of the junky stuff. 

Clarify Your Dumpster Rental Needs With Savannah Trash

Preparing your home for sale generates a lot of stuff to haul away. Savannah Trash dumpster rental is a convenient and an affordable tool to manage all that debris. As a full-service disposal company, they can also provide simple, smaller roll-off dumpsters perfect for junk removal, rental clean outs, and residential remodeling projects.  

Savannah Trash wants to help boost your property value with convenient trash service. With a few simple questions, our team will identify additional information about your needs to determine size needed and extra precautions to take. Get a fair and accurate estimate for the correct dumpster size for you with an online contact form at our site.