Familiarizing Yourself With Dumpster Rentals In Rincon

dumpster rental rinconPlanning on a home or office project or renovation in Rincon? Then you have probably already scheduled a dumpster rental to make cleaning out and removing unwanted or no-longer needed items and project materials. Something you need to be aware of though is that not all debris, junk, or trash can be thrown in a dumpster. In fact, there are regulations in place to be sure that certain items are disposed of safely and correctly, and not through the use of a dumpster. So before you start throwing anything and everything in your dumpster rental, be sure to familiarize yourself with this list of items that are prohibited materials when using a rental dumpster for disposal. 

Dumpster Rental In Rincon 

  • Electronic devices, including TVs, should not be thrown into a dumpster. Many landfills prohibit consumer electronics because they contain hazardous materials including batteries, fluorescent tubes and specific metals that may contain hazardous flame retardants. In fact, all types of batteries, from car batteries to dry-cell batteries and even lithium batteries cannot be put in a dumpster rental because they can leak harmful chemicals into the environment. So before you dispose of electronic materials in your dumpster rental, be sure to check and see if they are prohibited. 
  • Paints, including spray cans, and other inflammable items should not be left in a dumpster rental because of the large amounts of chemicals and oils they contain. This goes for paint thinners and solvents as well, and other objects that may leak chemicals including, but is not limited to; gasoline, motor oil, lubricants, and any petroleum-based products. These substances are highly combustible and require specific, safe disposal instructions.
  • Tires should never be disposed of in a dumpster because they can damage the equipment used by waste management workers, and methane gas can build up inside the inner walls of tires causing them to work their way up to the top of landfills disrupting the structure of the landfill itself. Tires are also heavy and can cause dumpsters to exceed wight limits. 
  • If you are working on an older home or building that contains asbestos, materials from that structure are not allowed to be disposed of in landfills. Even normal dumpster materials like roofing, floors, and drywall, will require another means of disposal because asbestos is considered a carcinogen so those items are all contaminated. 
  • Industrial and household chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides can be threatening to the environment in large amounts, so large concentrations should not be disposed of through dumpster rentals. 
  • Large items like mattresses and furniture pieces may be disposed of in dumpster rentals, but may result in extra charges or additional fees because of size and weight so be sure to check and see with your rental company before you fill your dumpster with these items. 

If you are unsure which items are prohibited for your dumpster rental, be sure to call and ask so you can make other arrangements for safe disposal if necessary. If you have any questions, concerns, or need to schedule your dumpster rental in Rincon, call Savannah Trash.