Get a Dumpster Rental For Your Spring Cleaning

dumpster rental savannahA few years into this pandemic and of being home more than you ever imagined you could, Spring makes a great excuse for a deep clean. Cleaning your house promotes a calmer, more peaceful state of mind. It also increases your property value and creates a safer living environment.    

Dumpster Rental in Savannah

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

After all the garbage is taken out, create a plan and timeline room-by-room. Designate responsibility for each area to a team member. If multiple people decide to clean a home, it’s necessary to set a definition of what to trash. Discuss treasures with the homeowner; make lists of what to save for sentimental value.  

After you get rid of the obvious junk, sort the remaining into categories: keep it, donate it, sell it, and take it to the dumpster. 

  • Keep the “keepers” organized in clear bins 
  • Organizations that resell household goods might come pick them up for free. Call your nearest Habitat ReStore or Salvation Army for details 
  • Garage sales work for the simple stuff but list the valuable on an online auction for top dollar 

If your project will take more than a week, don’t toss food trash into the dumpster. You don’t want uninvited pests to your work site. 

More that A “Little Mess”- Supporting a Hoarder in the Cleanup

Hoarding goes far beyond collecting items. Recognized as a mental health condition, hoarding affects as many as 1 in 20 people. This goes far beyond collecting items. As opposed to a collector, a hoarder often feels embarrassed of the amount of things they’ve accumulated.

Be supportive; work on the cleanup at a pace the hoarder is comfortable with. Helpers will need patience and a positive attitude. Prepare for the potential dangers: 

  • Trip/fall hazards
  • Bacteria and other biohazards associated with unclean environments
  • Rodents, ants, other infestations
  • Sharp edges
  • Injuries caused by heavy, repeated lifting 

When it’s time to face a hoarding situation, your existing trash cans will be insufficient. It’s likely that the trash both inside and outside of the home would overwhelm your bins. Consider a dumpster rental with Savannah Trash. With your team in place, it’s time to determine how you will go about organizing everything. A dumpster rental will give you a convenient place to catch all the items you need to throw out, so you can see the progress that you are making.

In some cases, people refuse to throw away their belongings because they believe their items are more valuable than they actually are. Nowadays, a simple search of online auctions can confirm or debunk that belief.  

Book Your Dumpster 

Calling in a dumpster rental is an easy method to manage the trash that is generated during clean up. And in Savannah, it is so easy.

To help you plan, Savannah Trash will give you a no obligation quote- either by phone or online. With a few questions, they will identify the right size and rental term for your dumpster.​ 

Once you decide, you’ll submit your order and schedule delivery. In most cases, the unit will be delivered within 24 hours. Fill up your dumpster with construction debris, trash, and other items. When you are ready to remove the dumpster, make the call to schedule pickup.  

Reliable, Helpful Dumpster Rental In Savannah

When it’s time to sort through the loved (and unloved) items in your home, call Savannah Trash. They can make dumpster rentals the easiest part of your spring cleaning project.