Tips For A Smooth Dumpster Rental 

Dumpster Rental in Richmond HillNeed to clear out household clutter over the weekend? Reworking an area in your commercial warehouse for a new business line? When you start a large-scale cleanup project, the amount of trash will quickly overwhelm your normal trash bins. Dumpster rental allows for flexibility when the pros deliver a dumpster to your home or office for an agreed upon time. You keep the dumpster for a period of days or weeks– matching the schedule you need.  Either knock it out in a day or slow fill up the dumpster; adjust your removal timeline if needed. 

When it comes to finding a disposal solution for your project, one size does not fit all. That’s why Savannah Trash offers a wide range of sizes, accommodating your job’s unique needs. Check out these tips to 1) make your job go smoothly and 2) make your trash disappear. 

Dumpster Rental in Richmond Hill

Choose The Dumpster Location 

Before the unit arrives, scope out the property for the best site. Make it convenient to the facility  or house door where the trash will exit. Choose a level surface without overhead obstructions like wires or tree branches. 

Avoid areas that may block walkways and deliveries. Will the pickup be on a day that your parking lot is full? Ensure there is enough space for us to backup and roll off the dumpster. 

Loading Up Your Junk

Evenly distribute items and weight within your dumpster. Be sure nothing sticks out over the top of the dumpster; don’t allow any prohibited material in the unit. When you’re finished using your dumpster, or need an exchange, call Savannah Trash to schedule the pickup.

What Can Go In It?

You can load up household junk and debris from home improvement projects: drywall, lumber, flooring, cabinetry and siding. Heavy duty dumpsters are best for lots of brick, asphalt, broken concrete and concrete blocks. 

You can put untreated lumber and other wood from construction projects into a dumpster, but treated lumber or railroad ties are not allowed; be specific during the quoting process. Shingles can go in a roofing dumpster in almost all service areas. Roofing debris can include underlayment, tiles, plywood and any other construction waste you may create during your project.  

For your safety, the Savannah Trash team, and the safety of the municipal facility, some items are restricted from disposal. Some service areas have local waste ordinances. Contact Savannah Trash for your area’s specific disposal guidelines; check with your HOA for any more specific restrictions.   

Preparing for Pickup 

Ensure there is a clear path to the dumpster location with adequate clearance for the Savannah truck. Unlock gates or provide access to our drivers. Remove any tarps you may have added to the dumpster before pickup.  

Contact The Experts

After a project that generates a lot of stuff to haul away, a dumpster rental is both a convenient and an affordable option- for home or commercial applications.  

As a responsible neighbor, Savannah Trash is focused on your safety, our safety, and the health of the environment. With a few simple questions, our team will identify additional information about your dumpster rental needs such as type of debris.  

In Savannah, call to coordinate your dumpster rental needs. The staff can help you plan and execute a successful. For example, Savannah Trash offers a range of sizes to accommodate your project- one time or a recurring schedule. If you’re not sure which size to choose, they can help you estimate accurately.