Why Renting A Dumpster Is A Good Idea During Home Renovations

Most homeowners do not usually need to have a dumpster handy. Dumpsters are helpful in industrial locations which produce a significant amount of garbage and waste. The average family does not throw away enough trash between their garbage pickup days to justify a large dumpster all the time. However, one of the most common occasions that you might consider renting a dumpster for your property is during the preparation for a home renovation project. 

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Here are the biggest benefits of having a dumpster close by during a home renovation.

Significant Amount Of Waste

Whether expanding your house, tearing part of it down, or simply getting rid of a bunch of junk or broken furniture, you will likely have more to throw away than your usual daily garbage. You may end up with more waste than you were expecting. If you have a dumpster handy, you don’t have to worry about figuring out how to get rid of your broken couch or chunks of drywall. You can simply throw it all in the dumpster.


You may not know what you will face when you tear apart your home. You may discover hazards like mold and mildew, which can make you sick if not properly handled and disposed of. If you find anything dangerous or toxic, throwing it in a dumpster is safer than keeping it in a pile. You will also be faced with  trip hazards, random debris, and exposed sharp nails. It is unsafe to leave this debris on the side of your road for your regular garbageman to deal with. Rather than creating a waste pile, it is safer for you and the people helping you renovate your home to keep all of the waste contained in a dumpster.


Home renovations take a lot of time and effort, so why make it harder on yourself than it already is? If you are only using your regular garbage can to dispose of waste, you will find yourself filling it up very quickly and needing to dispose of the garbage somewhere else. Dumpsters give you more space to get rid of everything without having to stop working on your renovation and haul it away to the dump. As strange as it sounds, keeping your trash neat makes your renovation easier and helps you save both time and energy.


Not only does renting a dumpster help keep your renovation site tidier, but it also saves you money. It eliminates the need to have to pay for every load you take out to a landfill or dump. Instead of having a recurring cost every time you need to get rid of your waste, you can pay one time to rent a dumpster to use throughout your project, saving you money in the long run of your project.

If you need a dumpster rental in your Richmond Hill home, be sure to call Savannah Trash to provide you with a dumpster big enough to handle your project and make life easier for you.