Why Savannah Dumpster Rentals Are Important During House Projects

savannah dumpster rentalWith the new year comes many new resolutions, goals, and projects. If the coming of the new year finds you planning on renovating or remodeling your home in Savannah, then let Savannah Trash help with one very important, but often overlooked, aspect of home projects – dumpster rentals. 

Savannah Dumpster Rentals

Renovations and remodels often require removing old materials so new ones can be brought in. According to Realtor Magazine, the most popular home projects this last year were:

  • Kitchen remodeling at 81%
  • Bathroom renovation at 80%
  • Whole-house remodeling at 53%
  • Room additions at 45%

Each of these projects can be aided by having a dumpster on site. When you plan to begin working on your home, plan on having a dumpster delivered at the start of the project. For those bigger projects, like whole-house remodeling, you may want to consider multiple dumpsters or at least schedule a pick-up and re-delivery halfway through the project so you are not having to wait to continue working until you have more dumpster space. We all know that many different challenges present themselves whenever a home renovation or remodel, and nothing is more frustrating than when projects take longer than normal.

To ensure that your project is on schedule and nothing is holding you up, you can plan on having a dumpster on-site to make the process run more smoothly. Even if you do not think you will have enough waste to fill up a dumpster, you should always play it safe. From cleaning things out, to tearing things down, you are going to need to haul a lot of stuff out of your home.

To make your home project easier and more convenient for you, Savannah Trash has different sized dumpsters available to meet the needs of your specific job. Here are just a few ways we makes renting a dumpster the easiest part of any home project:

  • Our flexible schedule allows for daily, weekly, or monthly rentals to best fit your project
  • Our pricing is competitive, affordable, and transparent 
  • Our company is local to Savannah which means short wait times for delivery and pick up
  • Our large inventory provides different sizing options to fit your needs, including residential roll-off dumpsters, long-term dumpsters, and roll-off construction dumpsters

A dumpster rental can collect all different kinds of household materials such as clothes, toys, and some types of furniture, along with construction materials such as wood, metal, and even insulation. It is important to keep in mind, however, that disposal of mattresses and tires will be assessed an additional feel, and exceeding container weight limit will also result in extra charges, so make sure to plan accordingly when you call to get your rental. 

Savannah Trash makes it easy to get a dumpster rental set up for your home project this coming year. Give us a call and, with just a few questions, we can help you find the right size rental and term to meet your needs. We are here to help you tackle all those new goals and plans by making trash removal easy.